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At CHM, our mission is to grow pharmaceutical brands by elevating health literacy in underserved multicultural patient communities.

We are the leaders in community health education. Your brand benefits through our unrivaled network of HCPs and media, decades of health insights across multiple cultures, profound expertise managing pharmaceutical brands, and the efficiency stemming from our understanding of relevant FDA promotional regulations.

CHM is 100% minority & woman owned.

culturally resonant, community
engagement is at the
heart of what we do.

Powered by CHM’s Community Connection Platform™

Community Connection™ provides turnkey access to community HCPs and underserved patients, including those from Asian American and Hispanic communities, to facilitate the delivery of relevant health information.

The CHM Community Connection™ Platform allows us to provide the services our clients need in a structure that is turnkey, efficient, and effective.

This 360-degree approach drives authentic community engagement and impressive results for our clients.

CHM Community Connection™ Platform: Live & Virtual Patient Outreach, PR/Advocacy Partnership, OL Recruitment & Engagement, In-Language Creative Development, Media Planning & Buying, Research Data Analytics & Optimization
CHM Agency Approach
CHM Agency Approach (mobile)

Authentic, results-driven outreach and engagement to these communities takes a multi‑disciplinary approach and a multi‑pronged strategy to build trust and credibility with patients, HCPs who treat them, and community activists who defend and protect them.

It’s not just about
language, it’s about
a true connection to
these communities.

We grew up in the communities our brands serve. Our partners and friends thrive there, today. This intimacy empowers us to deliver real results for those brands and for the lives that depend on them.

We have a proven track record of success in providing:

Branded Patient Community Outreach

Branded & Unbranded Community Outreach

  • Branded & unbranded in-language community events for patients
  • Event planning & logistics — including recruitment & community speaker bureau development
  • Access to influential HCPs in disease states that matter most to your communities
  • Access to multicultural consumer audience open to communication & engagement
HCP Recruitment & Engagement

Opinion Leader
& HCP Engagement

  • Access to influential community HCPs in the disease states that matter most
  • Recruitment for participation in branded and DSE patient events
  • Advisory Board planning and execution
  • Clinical trial recruitment, including expanding Clinical Trial Diversity
PR / Advocacy Partnership

PR & Advocacy

  • Access to robust roster of key community advocates and grassroots organizations
  • Partner to execute branded and unbranded community tactics
  • Build community credibility
  • Garner significant earned media coverage for your brand
In-language Creative Development

Creative Development

  • New claims and creative content development
  • Deep expertise with FDA regulations and MLR reviews
  • Experts in disease state & educational content tailored for multicultural audiences
  • Transcreation excellence that earns the praise of OLs & community leaders
Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning 
& Buying

  • In-language media planning and buying
  • Relationships with all top media partners across our communities for all tactics, both mass and digital
Research, Data Analytics, & Optimization

Research, Data Analytics, 
& Optimization

  • Qualitative and Quantitative market research capabilities for continued insight mining and discovery
  • Metrics and Digital Analytics support to ensure we optimize media and other programs across mass and digital tactics 


Our clients enjoy high-ROI results while our communities receive authentic, culturally-resonant, in-language engagement.


Hepatitis Antiviral
Great Data,
Low Market Share
Crowded Marketplace,
How Best to Compete?
Lung Cancer TKI
Going Up Against
the 800-pound Gorilla –
How to Compete?
Mature Brand
Desperate for Growth

What community thought leaders say about us:

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And the industry has taken notice:

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DTC National Awards

Recent Awards

DTC 2021 – Silver
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CHM Agency Clients
CHM Agency Clients (mobile)

Clients we introduced to our communities:

Clients Community Health Marketing Clients include: Amgen, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, Eisai, Novartis, L'Oreal, Kaiser Permanente, NewYork-Presbytarian, National Marrow Donor Program, CDC, American Cancer Society, Asian Pacific Liver Center - St. Vincent Medical Center, Mount Sinai, Asian Liver Center
Clients Community Health Marketing Clients include: Amgen, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, Eisai, Novartis, L'Oreal, Kaiser Permanente, NewYork-Presbytarian, National Marrow Donor Program, CDC, American Cancer Society, Asian Pacific Liver Center - St. Vincent Medical Center, Mount Sinai, Asian Liver Center
Our team has the entrepreneurial spirit, pharmaceutical marketing chops, and passion for educating communities. We have over a decade’s history of achieving high ROI for multicultural pharmaceutical campaigns and would like to discuss how we can partner with your brand to achieve similar results. We’d love to hear from you!
Eileen Chin

Eileen Chin

Eileen understands from personal experience just how challenging language and culture barriers can be, both for underserved patients and their doctors. She came to the United States at an early age as a refugee from Burma (Myanmar) and took on the role of health advocate for her family members. 

After acquiring a BA with honors in Biology from Barnard College, and an MBA from Columbia Business School, she entered the world of pharmaceutical marketing on the client-side. 

She spent over 15 years as a marketing leader building, launching and growing Hepatitis, CV/Diabetes, Oncology, and Dermatology brands. Since 2011, she’s put that knowledge to work on the agency-side at CHM with a focus on creating genuine connections between brands, patients, and physicians.

Kim Palermo

Kim Palermo
Chief Operating Officer

As a leader at CHM, Kim satisfies her need to bring innovative ideas to life and to break down communication barriers which lead to better health outcomes. She is a strategic expert that has spent the majority of her career in Healthcare entrepreneurship, leading brand teams and agencies across a wide range of therapeutic areas including Oncology, GI, Vaccines, RA, MS, Respiratory, CNS, Women’s Health, Urology, Pain Management, Dermatology, Smoking Cessation, Depression, CV, & Diabetes.

Kim is a first generation Hispanic who is passionate about helping underserved communities, and about leveraging technology to improve the health outcomes of all members of our society.

Kim holds an MBA from The Wharton School of Business with dual majors in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management.

CHM Agency Connect
CHM Agency Connect (mobile)
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Case Study

Mature Brand
Desperate for Growth

The problem

Brand team marketing a mature brand had maxed-out growth with a General Market (GM) strategy and was looking for new growth opportunities.

The solution

CHM identified untapped opportunities with the Asian-American and Hispanic patient populations as incidence rates significantly over-index the GM CHM created a 360-degree campaign across HCP, Patients, Payers and Advocacy Partners
  • Leveraging CHM community doctor network, key influencers were identified, and programming was created to engage, glean insights and drive scripts
  • Patient education was lacking in these communities. A robust patient campaign was crafted:
    • In-language resonant patient education materials
    • Branded community patient events in partnership with our advocacy networks
    • In-language media campaign – TV, radio, print, digital and paid search
    • CHM executed market research to track awareness and intent
    • Responsible for all analytics associated with this campaign
The results  

ROIs on programs that ranged from 20:1 to 8:1; A&I research showed dramatic increases in patient awareness and intent from Wave #1.

EGFR Lung Cancer TKI
Case Study

Going Up Against
the 800lb Gorilla –
How to Compete?

The problem

Brand team was launching a drug in a crowded space with a dominant #1 and was struggling to identify a winning strategy.

  • A General Market (GM) strategy makes it impossible to compete in this disease state

The solution

  • CHM identified a regional opportunity with minority populations as the core strategy which allowed the Brand to win regionally, driving national results
  • The GM marketing plan was abandoned, and a revised multicultural strategy was adopted
  • CHM created an influence map and identified the community thought leaders and engaged them across several activities: Ad Boards, Speaker Bureaus, Media Engagement, and Patient Education seminars
  • This coupled with authentic, credible community engagement with grassroots advocacy, in-language resonant patient education materials and media drove dramatic increase in brand awareness with target patients
The results  

Doubled market share in the 1st year after pivoting to the new multicultural strategy.

Cancer Immuno­therapy
Case Study

Crowded Marketplace,
How Best to Compete?

The problem

Brand team launching in a crowded marketplace, decided to go after a new indication to enter the Immunotherapy market, but recruiting was crawling to a halt for their Phase 2 trial.

  • The Brand team engaged top centers as trial sites, but these centers didn’t see the volume of patients they needed to fill their trial

The solution

  • The diagnosis over-indexed in ethnic populations
  • Minorities have been historically under­represented in clinical trials for many reasons: lack of education and support, as well as cultural and language barriers
    • Black patients made up less than 5% of the trials for 24 of the 31 cancer drugs approved since 2015
    • Asian Americans have made up less than 2% of U.S.-based trials, and Hispanics make up less than 1%
    • These numbers are very low considering that Hispanics, Blacks, and Asian Americans make up 18%, 13%, and 6% of Americans, respectively1,2
  • CHM recognized that these patients were more apt to be treated by their community oncologist and would not be open to transitioning their care to an academic institution
  • CHM crafted a refined trial recruitment strategy, recruited qualified Investigators connected to the community, and developed a targeted patient education campaign that increased trial enrollment
  • These Investigators had the volume of patients that could fill this trial in a more expedient manner
The results  

Doubled enrollment allowing to close enrollment ahead of schedule after pivoting to the new multicultural recruitment strategy.

REFERENCES: 1. Chen C, Wong R. Black patients miss out on promising cancer drugs. ProPublica. September 19, 2018. Accessed July 8, 2020. 2. The Society for Women’s Health Research. Dialogues on Diversifying Clinical Trials. United States Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health; 2011. Accessed July 8, 2020.

Hepatitis Antiviral
Case Study

Great Data,
Low Market Share

The problem

Brand team followed traditional General Market (GM) launch protocol and saw lackluster market performance.

  • With a GM launch strategy, the Brand team engaged National Thought Leaders (KOLs)
  • But the disease state over-indexed in ethnic populations and the community doctors who treat them aren’t influenced by national KOLs

The solution

  • CHM quickly identified the most influential Community Doctors from our network and created HCP programming targeted at these physicians
  • That coupled with strong grassroots advocacy partnership and in-language resonant patient engagement drove awareness and subscribing with this patient population
The results  

5% – 30% brand sales growth within 1st year, double-digit brand sales growth after initial launch of CHM campaign; 6:1 ROI.